Monday, February 6, 2012

The Blue Bird by Ruben Dario

The Blue Bird, This is the English translation of the Poem written by Ruben Dario call "El Pajaro Azul" (The Blue Bird), I been working on the translation of this beautiful story, always trying to get the most accurate version of the story.

here it is, please enjoy and leave your comments.

The Blue Bird.

Translated by Jose Hidalgo.
Paris,  amusing and terrible stage. Among the busy “Café Plombier”, good and purposeful boys – painters, sculptors, poets – yes, everyone looks for the old green laurel! None more beloved, that the poor Garcin, almost always sad, good drinker of absinth, dreamer that never gets drunk, and, an unexceptionable bohemian, Fine Improviser.

In the impaired room of our happy meetings, the chalk of the walls kept, among the sketches and lines of future clays, verses, whole stanzas written in toss and gross letters of our beloved Blue Bird.

The Blue bird was the poor Garzin. Do you know why he was called that? We baptized him with that name.

That was not because our vagary. That excellent boy had a sad gaze. When we asked him why when all of us laughed as fools, he with a glowering glance at the roof, would answer with a bittersweet smile…

-Friends: I want you to know that I have a blue bird on my brain, therefore….


It’d happen that he liked to go to the Countryside at the beginning of spring. The air of the forest did well to his lungs, as the poet said.

From his excursions he used to bring branches of violets and thick booklet of madrigal, written at the sound of the leaves and under the wide and cloudless sky. The violets were for Nini, his Neighbor, a nice and pretty lady that had such blue eyes.

The verses were for us. We’d read them and applaud them. We all had praise for Garcin. He was a genius that must shine.  Time would come. Oh, The blue bird would flight so High.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Damn you Eros!!!

Poetry is another thing that moves me.. so here is one of my last creations, in this poem I'm referring to Eros, the Greek god better know as cupid, hope you like it and you can comment on it.

Damn you EROS!!!
you put the poison of desire in my lips!!
you blinded me with illusions and dreams!!
your arrows had destroy my heart!!

Damn you EROS!!!
your fragrance has intoxicated my mind!!
Your antics have wiped my reason!!
Your vagary have kill my hopes!!

Here I'm asking you mercy!!
Here I'm praying to you!!
Here I'm dying because of you!!

By Jose Hidalgo, 01/29/2012