Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Los Motivos del Lobo - The wolf Motives

Francis of Assisi and the wolfIs being a long time since I don't bring anything new to this blog, today I'll share with you one of my last works, I'd translate one of the longest most amazing poems of my favorite poet, Ruben Dario, I did my best to make it read as accurate as possible, if you have any suggestion please let me know.

English Version 0.1.

The wolf Motives 

 Ruben Dario

The wolf Motives 
 Ruben Dario

The man who has a heart of lily,
cherub soul, heavenly language,
the humble and sweet Francis of Assisi,
He is with rude and grim animal,
fearful beast, of blood and theft

the jaws of anger, the evil eyes:
!the wolf of Gubbio, the terrible wolf!
Rabid, has devastated the surrounding area;
cruel, has undone all the flocks;
he devoured lambs, he devoured pastors,
and innumerable are the dead and damage.

Strong hunters armed with iron
were destroyed. The hard tusks
accounted for the fiercest dogs
as if they were little goats and lambs.
Francis Left:
the wolf sought in its burrow.
Near the cave He found the huge
 beast, when he saw him, he launched
fierce against him. Francis, with his sweet voice,
raising his hand, to the angry wolf said:
“Peace, Brother Wolf!” the animal
looked the man of clumsy sackcloth;
left his surly air,
closed the aggressive jaws,
and said:”! All right, Brother Francis!”
"How! The saint said. Is it law that you live
 of horror and death?
Is the blood that pours your evil nose,
the grief and horror you scatter,
the scream, the pain, crying peasants,
of such a creature of our Lord,
not to contain your infernal anger?
Do you come from hell?
 Did Lucifer or Belial perhaps
 infuse their eternal grudge on you? "
And the great wolf, humble: "It's tough the winter
 and the hunger is awful! In the frozen forest
I did not find anything to eat, and the cattle I searched,
 and sometimes I ate cattle and pastor.
The blood? I saw more than one hunter
on horseback, leading the goshawk
on fist, or running after the boar,
 the bear and deer, and saw more
 than one staining of blood, wound, torture,
 from the raucous horns to the deaf hoarse cry,
to the animals of our Lord.
And it was not of hunger that they were going to hunt! "

Francis reply: “in man there is
bad yeast. When is born, comes with sin. It is sad.
But the simple soul of the beast is pure.
From today you’re going to have
what to eat.
You will leave alone
herds and people in this country.
May God bless your untamed being! "

"All right, Brother Francis of Assisi."
"Before the Lord, that all ties and unties,
 promise in faith tend your leg.
“The wolf held out his paw to Brother
 of Assisi, who in turn held out his hand.
They went to the village. People saw and
what they looked was hard to believe.
After the priest was the fierce wolf, and,
with his low head, still followed him
like a dog house, or as a lamb.

Francis drew people to the square
 and there he preached.
He said: "Here is a nice hunt.
The brother wolf is coming with me;
he swore no longer be your enemy, and
 not to repeat the bloody attack.
 You, however, will give his food to
 the poor beast of God. "" Amen!”
People agree with the entire village.
 And then, as a sign of contentment,
the good animal shook his head and tail
 and went with Francis of Assisi to the convent.

Sometime the wolf was quiet
in the holy asylum.
Its vast ears heard the Psalms
and his clear eyes moist.
He learned many thanks and made a thousand tricks
 when going to the kitchen.

And when Francis made ​​his prayer,
 the poor wolf licked his sandals.
He went out, on the mountains,
down the valley, entered the
houses and people gave him something to eat.
 They looked at him like a gentle greyhound.

One day Francis was absent. And the
sweet wolf, the gentle and good wolf,
the honest wolf, disappeared;
he turned to the mountain, and
 recommenced his howling and rage.
Once again the feeling of fear,
among neighbors and among the shepherds;
 terror filled the
surroundings, of no value were the weapon
 as the wild beast gave no respite to his eternal anger
 as if was fire of Moloch and Satan.

When the divine saint returned to the town,
everyone searched for him with complaints and sought with tears,
 and a thousand quarrels testified of suffering and
 lost, both by that infamous wolf demon.
Francis displeased,
 went to the mountain to seek for
the false wolf. And next
 to his cave he found the wild animal.
"In the name of the sacred Father
I conjure you, oh wicked wolf!
To which I ask: Why did you become evil?
Answer! I hear you. "

As in silent struggle, the animal spoke,
with a foaming mouth and angry eyes:

"Brother Francis, don’t get too close ...
calm I was in the convent;
 and if anyone gave me something
 happy and gentle I ate it.
 But I began to see that in every house
there was Envy, Anger, and
in their faces were burning embers of hate,
 lust, dishonor and lies.
 Brothers to brothers make war,
the weak lose, the evil won,
male and female were like dogs
and one day they hit me with sticks.
They saw me humble; I licked their hands
and feet. I followed your sacred laws;
all creatures were my brothers and sisters:
 man, ox, stars and worms.
And so they beat me and threw me out.
And his laughter was like boiling water
and within my body revived the beast
and I suddenly felt like a bad wolf;
but always better than those bad peoples.
And I started to fight here,
to defend me and to feed me.
As the bear does, such as wild boar,
that to live they have to kill.
Let me in the meadow, let me in the cliff,
let me be in my freedom,
go to your convent, Brother Francis,
go your way and your holiness. "

The saint of Assisi said nothing.
He looked at him with a deep gaze,
 and left with tears and afflictions,
 and to the eternal God his heart spoke.
 And the wind in the forest took his prayer,
it was:
 "Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name…”


  1. The tranlsation is fair to the content. Unfortunately the poetry is lost.

  2. Regardless of rhyme it is a good translation! Thank you.

    1. Thank you, is really an honor for me to just try to translate such a masterpiece of a poem, one day This poem will be translated in a most poetic, rhythmic way, but right now I can only but try.

    2. Thank you for your wonderful work. I have tried to do it but I couldn't comout with the right words. I believe the is you use Google translate they more options vof word.
      God God bless
      Francisco. I wast born on October 4th , my father was asking saint Francis of assisi for me to be a boy. He played almos every day.
      And was born that day and he got a boy.
      Also my second son was born on October 4th.
      Thank to Gid al might and thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi.

    3. nop, this is not google translate, i mean, i did use google to find the translations of many words, but, google tranlaste is kind dumb, the orders of the words given, they way you will call something, that is up to the translator, i can also see you are a very christian believer, that is awesome, Francis was in deed an amazing soul, glad to know thatyou like the poem.

  3. wonderful poem English or Spanish. interesting how you can imagine this is about a werewolf terrorizing a village and St francis is trying to appeal to the human nature of the werewolf but it is that very nature that makes him savage and the wolf part is what gives him balance with nature

  4. Today I read this beautiful poem for the first time in my life. I cried and cried and went looking for an English version to it! I am an animal rights activist and want to share with my 4,200 animal friends.

    This is a very good translation, yes of course always something gets lost in the translation specially in poetry but I am not complaining! Great job! Thank you so much.
    Just beautiful! I will read it many times.
    Humans are disgusting!

    1. Hi.

      I used your translation to make this video. I hope you to be agree. May GOD bless you.

    2. Please send mevyour final product. I will loke to share it.
      Francisco Noguera

  5. one of my favorite poems. First time i read it in english. Good work, congratulations.

  6. There is another good pems is call in español.
    Oda a Roosevelt.
    If you need help doin the transaction I will like to help you.

    1. your english is a bit rusty, and well there is already a good translation of that poem, i would recomend you to look it up :D

  7. Your intention is a good one, my friend.
    But the art of translation is a very tough one that calls for sheer poetic sensitivity and mastery of language.
    Unfortunately the result of this translation is very poor, with an evident lack of poetics, imagery and sense of rhythm.
    Try focusing on translating into your own language.
    The impulse to do it, however, is to be praised.
    Thank you.

  8. Great job. Just the effort on putting togheter the translation is admirable . Thank you. May God bless you.

  9. I'm atheist and yet I choke every time I read this poem (in Spanish). Why a poem like this is unknown in this country?